Goddess and Sacred Site Tour Spring 2011

Celebrate the Goddess, travel to sacred Goddess Sites and celebrate Beltaine April 27 to May 3, 2011 in Glastonbury England. Donna Virgilio will be hosting a once in a lifetime Goddess experience. Travel to Stonehenge for a private ceremony in the inner circle, Walk to the Tor considered to be the legendary Camelot, Tour Roman and Medieval Baths and honor the Goddess Minerva, visit and pray at the Chalice Well and see the Sacred Gardens. Tour the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and participate in the official Beltaine Festivities and Cermony. See the Boscastle Witchcraft Museum and Journey to Tintagel the mystical birthplace of King Arthur and peek inside Merlins Cave. Walk through Avebury Stonecircle, West Kennet Long Barrows, Silsbury Hill and see Crop Circles. Finally, dance at the Avalon Beltaine Fairy Ball featuring Doreen Virtues Band, “Obsidian.”

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About donnavirgilio

Donna Virgilio, B.S. is an International Psychic and Mystical Coach with a worldwide client base on www.donnavirgilio and 12listen.com. . Donna hosts Goddess and Sacred Site Tours around the world. She is the Author of Goddess Scopes™ Donna has always loved metaphysics and spirituality. She has studied metaphysics for over 20 years. Donna is 50 years old and lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, USA. www.donnavirgilio.com
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