“The Donna Virgilio Hour,” on www.12radio.com March 23rd Tuesday at 7pm pst. The Goddess Show part 2

“The Donna Virgilio Hour,” on www.12radio.com.  Hey guys, I have a goal to have 50 people in the www.12radio.com chat room March 23rd, Tuesday, 7pm pacific time. We are having a goddess chat party.  Join me as we continue Honoring the Goddess this month on my radio show.  I will be talking about the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury which was founded 8 years ago by Kathy Jones. Georgina Sirett – Hardie a Priestess of Avalon and Director of the Goddess Temple  and Goddess Hall in Glastonbury UK, shares about the history of the temple the festivals and rituals that are open to the public throughout the year.  She talks about the classes and workshops and “Priestess of Avalon” training.  Georgina also shares about the Goddess Conference for 2010.  Finally, we close with Goddess site tours and the amazing, “Goddess Pilgimage” called, “In Search of the Oracle.”  I will also be playing gorgeous Goddess music.  Including music from our Rock Goddess from 12angel.com Tatiana.


About donnavirgilio

Donna Virgilio, B.S. is an International Psychic and Mystical Coach with a worldwide client base on www.donnavirgilio and 12listen.com. . Donna hosts Goddess and Sacred Site Tours around the world. She is the Author of Goddess Scopes™ Donna has always loved metaphysics and spirituality. She has studied metaphysics for over 20 years. Donna is 50 years old and lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, USA. www.donnavirgilio.com
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